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Sogou Brief

Sogou is the leader of internet product and service provider in China,
including search, input method, browser and others.

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In August 2004, SOHU company launched the third generation of the world's first
interactive Chinese search engine---Sogou.

After more than 10 years, Sogou has become the second largest search engine in China.

According to the December 2016 data from iResearch, Sogou has 528 million computer users, which making it the second largest Internet company in China.
The huge mobile APP user makes it a benchmark enterprise for the rapid development of the Internet in China.

Sogou pursues technological innovation on products, keeping up with the times and emphasizing strategic layout.

After long fumble and trial and error, six product layouts have been formed, including search engine, input method, browser, call management, map and intelligent hardware.

Timoo Brief

Timoo Watch,

an internet technology brand dedicated to providing intelligent devices you wanted us to make,powered by Sogou AI Technology.

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